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Feb 27

Magical States – 2-Day Live Workshop, March 25-26, 2017

Magick and mysticism have long been associated with trance states, ecstatic experiences, and transcendent awareness. How important are techniques for altering consciousness in achieving magical outcomes? Are there safe and effective methods for exploring and understanding how our minds shift from state to state, from mundane to magick and back again? Get ready to wear …

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Nov 10

Words and the World ONLINE COURSE! January 2016!

Words and the World, ONLINE COURSE with Philip H. Farber January 18 – February 29 Our ancestors once had to hunt for words in libraries and bookstores. Today, vast torrents of words pour into our homes via modems and networks. The new familiarity with flowing, scrolling text gives many of us a new ease with …

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Mar 21

Announcing a New Book by Philip H. Farber!

Hoo-Ha Books - Legendary Blue Smoke by Philip H. Farber

HOO-HA BOOKS PUBLISHES NEW NOVEL BY BRAIN MAGICK AUTHOR PHILIP H. FARBER Legendary Blue Smoke: An Epic Rock’n’Roll Fantasy! That’s right! We’re pleased to announce the publication of Philip H. Farber’s newest novel, Legendary Blue Smoke, a fantasy tale set in New York’s Hudson Valley and in realms of imagination. Available wherever books are sold! …

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Feb 02

Ticks, Meditation and State Management

Ticks, Meditation and State Management By Philip H. Farber In the part of New York State where I live, Lyme disease is at an epidemic level. Quite a few of my friends, family members and acquaintances have experienced this illness. One friend holds the record, as far as I know, having contracted the tick-borne illness …

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Dec 06

Welcome to Meta-Magick Interactive!

Coming soon… the Meta-Magick Interactive blog, forums, and more!