Mar 21

Announcing a New Book by Philip H. Farber!


Legendary Blue Smoke: An Epic Rock’n’Roll Fantasy!

That’s right! We’re pleased to announce the publication of Philip H. Farber’s newest novel, Legendary Blue Smoke, a fantasy tale set in New York’s Hudson Valley and in realms of imagination. Available wherever books are sold!

(Order from the publisher here: http://hoohabooks.com/ )

Hoo-Ha Books - Legendary Blue Smoke by Philip H. Farber

Hoo-Ha Books - Legendary Blue Smoke by Philip H. Farber

“Imagination, Insight and the Third I – Irreverence. Phil Farber serves as the hyphen between Science and Fantasy; the ‘n’ between Rock and Roll. Along with style and wit, the secret ingredient in his prose is magic galore.”
Paul Krassner, author of Confessions of a Raving, Unconfined Nut: Misadventures in the Counterculture

Legendary Blue Smoke
by Philip H. Farber
paperback, 464 pages

ISBN: 0986214000

With a world-vibrating whoosh, a vast saucer-shaped spaceship dipped down through the atmosphere, blotting out the afternoon sun. Ian turned and there she was: Jane, his wife who had passed away 15 years ago…
Once upon a time people wore t-shirts that said “Ian is God.” In this century, though, Ian Better, 1970s guitar god, is old, alone, and about to lose everything he owns. In order to reclaim his life, Ian has to reunite Blue Smoke, his legendary band, and play a few concerts. But then there were flying saucers and dead wives and everything tilted into mythic confusion. On tour in a world where gods, aliens, imaginary friends, dead relatives, and cartoon coyotes are part of everyday life, the aging members of Blue Smoke discover the government’s secret archive, history’s greatest pot farms, the Land of the Dead, a town without rock’n’roll, and the secrets of time travel. Legendary Blue Smoke is a crazy psychedelic trip through worlds both perplexing and profound.

Philip H. Farber is the author of Brain Magick: Exercises in Invocation and Meta-Magick (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2011), The Great Purple Hoo-Ha (Mandrake of Oxford, 2010), and Meta-Magick: The Book of Atem (Weiser Books, 2008), among other titles. His articles have appeared in Green Egg Magazine, The Journal of Hypnotism, Hypnosis Today, Mondo 2000, High Times, Paradigm Shift, Reality Sandwich and many other unique publications and web sites.

Praise for the books of Philip H. Farber:

As blatant propaganda, The Great Purple Hoo-Ha is funnier than Catholicism and slightly less disgusting than ads for colonic irrigation. — Rev. Ivan Stang, Church of the Subgenius

Farber is well known for his nonfiction on occult and Neuro-linguistic Programming topics, if he keeps his hoo-ha up he might become well known for his comedic SF/F as well. – Fantasy Magazine

Farber’s writing is a joyride through the psyche. Absurdity and the internal workings of our own beliefs are less than a hair’s width apart – and Farber illustrates this with inimitable style, humor, and a kitschy sense of self- referential pseudo-realism.’ — LaSara Firefox Allen, MPNLP, author of Sexy Witch

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