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Author Topic: Week Five - Reading #3 - Making an Entity
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Post Week Five - Reading #3 - Making an Entity
on: February 18, 2018, 15:28

Summarized Instructions – How to Create a Memetic Entity

1. Evoke Atem

(This is how the instructions appear in Meta-Magick: The Book of Atem. If you have not previously worked with Atem, then evoke an entity of your choice that can advise you, i.e. a god, your HGA, higher self, angel, daemon, loa, orisha, etc. Then skip to step #2.)
Atem, as the Opener of the Way, can act as mediator between your conscious mind and all the parts of internal and external consciousness that may participate in the creation of a memetic entity. Atem can be contacted by the methods described in this book, particularly by practicing the Thirty Six Days of Atem exercises, on your own or with a practice group, and activating the book with a sigil. The activated book can then be used to quickly and easily contact Atem. Or, once contacted, Atem may suggest other quick and efficient methods to re-contact him. An in-person initiation to Atem also adds power and efficiency to this process.

Evocation of Atem, projecting Atem into some area of external consciousness, may include or begin with invocation, bringing forth Atem into internal consciousness, but is best when the operation ends with the externalized form. This externalized form of Atem is to be treated as you would a State Entity in the Making/Trance exercise.

Interaction with Atem, as fully as possible, is more important than this set of instructions.

2. Develop an Outcome

Create as much of an outcome as you can imagine. Include all the senses, as much as possible. Create images, sounds, feelings, tastes and smells of what your memetic entity will be like when it comes into existence. If you only have the barest idea or concept, use whatever small amount of information you have available and allow feedback from Atem over successive days and weeks to fill in the details until you are actually creating your entity.

In the beginning, place particular emphasis on the feelings that you will have upon completion of the project. What will it feel like to have brought an entity into the world with the capacity for transmission, an entity that has the potential for influencing or changing the lives of humans on a mass scale? What other senses can be used to create metaphors for this completion? Will the entity be shining? Singing? Glittering? Whirling? Humming? Use whatever submodalities have meaning to you and give you the appropriate feeling.

3. Offer the Outcome to the Universe

Give all of your perceptual creations relating to your outcome to Atem (or whichever entity you chose to evoke in step #1), with instructions to pass it along to all the parts of internal and external consciousness that are necessary and appropriate for your outcome to be manifest. Do this at least daily through the completion of your entity, more often if possible.

4. Create Congruence in Your Life

Contrive the circumstances of your life to be in accordance with your entity. Make yourself a fitting creator for your entity. In most cases, this includes improving your health in whatever ways you can. Mental states are as important as physical health in this regard. Eat, sleep, work, and play in ways that create the appropriate mental states. Becoming an entity creator may also include removing distractions of various sorts from your life. And it will likely include placing within the range of your senses images, sounds, feelings, tastes and smells that relate to the nature of your entity.

Live in accordance with your entity. Once it is born, you may be able to send it off and live in other ways, but during the birth process you will likely get the best results if you think with the mind of your entity as much as possible. Test your actions and beliefs with the presuppositions that you develop for your entity. Live as if these presuppositions were “true.” If you are creating a rock band as an entity, then dress and live as a rock star. If you are creating a corporation, then live as the executive that your entity would have you be. If you are creating a new school of philosophy, then live according to that philosophy.

5. Create Congruence in Your Entity

As you continue to offer your outcome to Atem and to develop more details about your entity, you can begin to fill in and organize the information according to a system of elements. Notice what categories your details naturally fall into. Think about what other categories might be necessary or particularly useful. Think about whether or not any of your existing details are not necessary or useful. Ask Atem about these issues and adjust the model of your entity accordingly.

Create a chart or outline based on your elemental system, filling in the various details. When you have a full and balanced set of elements, you are ready to bring the entity fully into manifestation.

6. Create the Media

Through what media will your entity manifest? Use the information that you are developing to write your books, create your images, videos, songs, architecture, by-laws, infrastructures, t-shirts, or whatever you will be using to transmit your entity. Make these beautiful and appealing to prospective participants. Set your entity in motion to gather attention.

7. Unleash Your Entity

Continue to feed your entity attention and whatever else it needs to survive, but once it has been born, allow it to grow and act of its own accord. Be supportive, but get out of its way.

8. Observe and Record

Take some time to reflect on what you have experienced, to measure and observe the existence of your entity, and to make a record of the process.

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Post Re: Week Five - Reading #3 - Making an Entity
on: February 24, 2018, 08:24

Hey, So I did all the solo exercises in the Meta-Magick book, however I do not have a practice group with me here where I live (yet.) So I'm wondering how I would go about this: I have never contacted my HGA nor any other kinda god. I have only worked with state entities. Will this be a hindrance? how do I go about this?

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Post Re: Week Five - Reading #3 - Making an Entity
on: February 24, 2018, 10:22

There are more solo exercises in Brain Magick (most of 'em, in fact). There are also long-term benefits from simply working with state entities, too. Alternatively, you could come out here for a workshop or... when working with the memetic stuff, you might be able to think of some ways it can apply more to online interactions.

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Post Re: Week Five - Reading #3 - Making an Entity
on: March 2, 2018, 11:09

ok cool, Yeah I have worked with more exercises from Brain Magick. I was just curious if it was peccary to speak to a HGA, ATEM, or some other middle man Entity or if it was just possible to just evoke the state entity of your desired meme. Also I noticed some patterns that you just used. Were these frames to warp my mind 😛 ! And yes I will be coming down to the live workshop and would love to participate in group activities.

Quote from Phil on February 24, 2018, 10:22
There are more solo exercises in Brain Magick (most of 'em, in fact). There are also long-term benefits from simply working with state entities, too. Alternatively, you could come out here for a workshop or... when working with the memetic stuff, you might be able to think of some ways it can apply more to online interactions.

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Post Re: Week Five - Reading #3 - Making an Entity
on: March 5, 2018, 11:04

Would I attempt to warp your mind (as much as possible)? Whether or not you speak to an entity such as an HGA or opener depends largely on your beliefs and the system of magick you practice. Think of these entities, perhaps, as a form of Venn diagram, and you get to draw the circles around whatever you choose. What level of entity creation will be useful to your project or your plans for world domination?

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  1. Phil

    Welcome everyone to the Meta-Magick Forum where the discussion is open to any topic related to magick, NLP, hypnosis, neuroscience, memetics, meditation, and consciousness exploration.

  2. cable123

    Looking for someone to practice with James in Essex County, New Jersey
    contact me at

  3. mduxx3

    hi.can u practise alone Brain Magick or practising depends on a group,if so which Phil’s book can i get to practise alone because the are no study groups here S Africa.

  4. BrandonB


    We started out with set and setting. Candles, Shpongle, comfortable chair, handmade warm blanket (it was in Chicago in the winter after all) the pipe was prepared in advance. 80MG spice with some cannabis to support it in the pipe and keep the DMT from burning. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply for a few moments. My guide, my friend of many years, had volunteered to help me and she waited patiently until I was ready. I took the first hit and held it as long as I could, handing the pipe off to my guide.

    It was deep, and I thought, was that it? It was very comforting and full of love, I felt so good. I rememeber just laughing and laughing. Then it hit me, I wasn’t done, not by a long shot. I asked for the pipe again and took another hit, even bigger, clearing most of the material in the bowl. I held that until the room started to come apart.

    I knew then that I had enough. I was out of my body in an instant, rushing right through the barriers that had always held me back. I remember sending the signals back to my body to keep breathing, keep my heart beating. I felt the autonomous nature of my body shudder and stumble a bit, but that didn’t last long. At first, I saw the cartoony hallucinations, monkeys banging cymbals, geometric shapes spinning in endless variety and expanse. When I looked closer, I realized that was just another barrier, a projection from my own thoughts. I… pushed on it, for lack of a better word, and it fell away. Then I was gone. I ceased to exist. My once cohesive sense of self was scattered over an area so large, it dwarfed the capacity of human understanding. It was everything and nothing. The entire universe flew though me in an instant. In that instant, I knew everything. I had a perfect clarity of understanding. I knew then that I wouldn’t be able to remember it all, the gray matter wasn’t capable of storing it all, but it didn’t matter. I knew I would never again need to wonder about the WHY of it all. My brain was not constructed to contain it.

    There was a moment of fear, a moment of wondering where I was, how I would get back. In that moment all my prior experience came back to me, and two spirit guides appeared to me. I call them the architects, and they had been present for most of my smaller DMT experiences. They comforted me through that period, and then I understood that fear, the meaning of ego interruption, the loss of self and why so many people were scared to do it. I rememered all the other DMT experiences that I had helped with and witnessed, and the challenges I had seen and I understood all of it. I was full to the brim with understanding beyond words. An eternity of knowledge coursed through me. It was the ultimate satisfaction of every curiosity I had ever felt. It was sublime, but incredibly difficult to maintain for long.

    I knew the source of every religion, every ideology. I knew how an incomplete understanding of it could be distorted into almost anything. My own understanding is woefully incomplete but I could see that, know why, and release myself of the burden of attempting to understand it. I didn’t need to share it, I didn’t need to explain it.

    There was a point of transition, a magnetic field of some sort that interacted with the scattered particles of my now completely shattered sense of self. It was very scary, but my guides were there to remind me that I had nothing to fear. Passing through that barrier was slower on the way back, I felt those particles begin to collect back into a familiar shape. I had a strong sense of a field of white and blue waves or particles. It was warped in a way that defies Euclidian geometry. I felt the overwhelming feeling start to fade and I knew the DMT was breaking down in my body, the exquisite tuning of my brain into the greater cosmic reality was fading, retuning to the shared reality tunnel of this physical world. I remember opening my eyes for a second and the room was hugely distorted. I could hear Terrence McKenna’s voice on the Shpongle track talking about gnomes. I told him that I didn’t see any gnomes but I saw everything else and started laughing, cackling. I could feel the love and support from my friend as she watched, making sure I was OK, it was a beacon that helped me to slip seamlessly back into my body. I knew I was alive, but I also knew why and how in a way I had never understood before. I knew that I was alive by choice, not because I was afraid to die.

    The layers of understanding that remain are disjointed and chaotic but coalescing. There are so many things that I was relentlessly hunting that I no longer need to look for. I can’t explain or describe everything I experienced, but I knew in that moment that it was all according to plan and there was no need to try to put it into words this brain could process. What I brought back, I feel like has value beyond anything I have ever experienced as it is. I don’t need to name it, I don’t need to define it, I know beyond knowing that for one moment I knew that it was set up for a reason, a good reason, but something that I have no context to understand, and my physical body lacks the means of fully comprehending it. Some would call it God, I’m reluctant to use that term, but it was certainly a realm of thought beyond the material.

  5. Mikhael

    Looking for someone in the Sierra Foothill near Fresno, Ca to practice with.

  6. Tatiana

    I’ve had an interesting experience with symbols, language, and gestures throughout my life, far before discovering the labels that “Magick” put on these things. Magick gave me the collective words that could help me communicate what I was already doing with others for them to understand. This was treasured and priceless since I quite know what it feels like to not be able to communicate with the world. I moved from Italy when I was seven years old, not knowing much English (although my family did their best to teach me ahead of time). Thrown into American schools not knowing the language gave me a unique perspective on other ways to communicate, the gift of solitude, the collective importance of gestures, and much more. From this point on, gestures, sound, various ways of communication became crucial to me. At 17 I began formalizing it… into small rituals with more structure than when I was 7. I made recitations that functioned to clear the air between people entering my space… since I realized I was an empath early on. This is why this exercise makes me smile.

    This exercise formalizes something I already do… which is nice. 🙂

    My activity: taking a walk
    The Ritual Frame: ( i struggled with this… making it way too long, academic and hard at first) simplified it to, “I will walk as a clear channel to the divine.”
    Gesture: Drawing down of light from Keter to Tipareth… a finger above the head touching white light and pulling it down to Tipareth at the Anahata chakra.
    The Closing: a simple adoration of “thank you” and touching the Anahata chakra

    I will test it out walking to the bus tomorrow after my morning routine.


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