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Author Topic: Week Five - Reading #2 - Memetic Entities
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Post Week Five - Reading #2 - Memetic Entities
on: February 18, 2018, 15:29

Thoughts on the Creation of Memetic Entities

While magicians may believe that magick can change the world, most grimoires presently available are concerned with a more personal kind of magick. Many (but not all) practicing magicians are more concerned with the kind of magick that influences what is found within the circle (the self, usually) and with practical, reality-changing effects that go no further than personal wealth, sex, happiness, or Will. However, those same processes that inform the personal kind of magick are also reflected in the broader sphere of mass human culture. When I published the Meta-Magick: The Book of Atem (Weiser, 2008), I described the concept of Memetic Entities, patterns of information that act with autonomy across time and yet interact with humans on many levels.

Schools of thought, political ideologies, religious beliefs, corporate structures, forms of government – and much else – depend on the attention of humans to exist and they have built-in abilities to perpetuate, to include more humans, and even to reproduce. These self-perpetuating thought-forms, for our purposes here, are called “memetic entities.” “Democracy” is a memetic entity, as is “Aikido,” “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,” “Jazz,” “Buddha,” “Beelzebub,” “Sherlock Holmes,” “the English Language,” and Atem. All of the given examples became manifest through the interaction of human minds, some obviously by an individual, others less obviously by changes in culture.

The greatest work that a human can engage in is perfection of the self. Common wisdom suggests that we are best when we set our own being in order before imposing our will upon the world around us. On the level of ordinary, day-to-day activities this makes a great deal of sense. Any works that we create will reflect our own psyche, for good or ill. A person with a disordered mind likely has a disordered desk. A person who hates and fears will create works and perform actions of hate and fear. A person who loves and meditates will likely create works of love and meditation.

The greatest work that a human can engage in is perfection of the self. But what are the boundaries of the self? In the wisdom of Atem, consciousness is not limited by the human body and when we speak of our “self,” we may be including many aspects of external as well as internal consciousness. The air you breathe, the food you eat, the perceptions you experience, may be, at one moment, outside you and, at the next, inside and part of you. Is the air you exhale still part of you? If we look closely at the way humans interact with the world, the answers become a little hazy. With that in mind, when we address the idea of creating memetic entities, forms of consciousness that may have widespread and pervasive influence on the world around us, the “creator” is often something other than just the simple human internal consciousness. Indeed, by definition a memetic entity depends on multiple human consciousnesses or it would not be “memetic.” As well, the process of entity creation as outlined by Atem involves the consciousness of various entities, as well as humans.

A memetic entity usually participates in its own creation. It may begin as something simple in the internal or external consciousness of a single human, an entity formed from a simple evocation or similar approach. To achieve full stature as a memetic entity, it must then grow and evolve beyond the single human. This can happen by a variety of means. The entity can provide feedback to the human, who will then adjust and expand his or her ideas and actions. The entity can begin to include other humans or can access other entities for information or specific results. The entity can incorporate other entities in a variety of ways, some of them participating very much as an individual human might.

To be fully realized as a memetic entity, a mind must be whole, self-programming, able to transmit, able to reproduce, and must exhibit flexibility of behavior and adaptability to its environment.

A mind must be whole. What this means is that the entity must be, or include, a reflection of the universe at large. Just as the human mind builds a map or model within that represents a more or less complete world, the memetic entity must also similarly be able to have some representation of the whole upon which to act.

A mind must be self-programming. The memetic entity must, at some point, be able to be free from the limits of a single human consciousness and to change itself and grow. This can be on the level of feedback given to the human creators or hosts, it may represent group consensus of participating humans, or it can be entirely independent of the human level of conscious awareness.

A memetic entity must be able to transmit. To survive beyond the awareness of a single human or group of humans, the entity must have assets that allow it to spread to more and more human and entity minds, as well as to media, architecture, consumer goods or whatever else it tends to inhabit.

A memetic entity must be able to reproduce. A memetic entity will be capable of spawning other memetic entities, just as any other fully formed consciousness will. If a human or collection of humans can produce a memetic entity, then a memetic entity can produce other memetic entities. It may or may not choose to do so, but nonetheless will have the ability, just as a healthy human has the ability to reproduce, but may or may not choose to have children.

A memetic entity must exhibit flexibility of behavior and adaptability to its environment. An entity of any type that fails to adapt to changing circumstances will eventually cease to exist. When African Loas met Roman Catholic religion, the Loas were able to cloak themselves in the guises of the saints and thus survive in the New World. When the European worship of the fertility goddess Astarte met Christian religion, she incorporated herself into the holiday of Easter. This postulate is the essence of syncretism in religion and thought and it also describes how successful corporations adapt and vary their products based on changing demographics, economy, or other factors.

A memetic entity can exist anywhere in the noosphere and can manifest through any medium. The entity is the information and the self-organizing principle and may be transmitted through books, visual art, video, film, architecture, corporate cultures, money, or anything else with the capability for storing or transmitting information. As the information spreads to more humans, the number and diversity of media will likely increase as the individual humans create their own expressions of the entity.

For purposes of this text, Atem has selected several representative memetic entities to explore and reminds readers that the same principles will apply over a wide range of content and expression. The following descriptions and further elaboration are not necessarily intended to endorse any of these entities, but rather to use them to illustrate principles of memetic entity creation.

Money. Money is an extremely powerful, entrenched and adaptable entity. Traditionally it has been transmitted through the use of talismans empowered by the entity in ritual circumstances. That money has a value is an idea only. There is nothing inherently valuable in the paper it is printed on, the metal that coins are stamped from, or the digits that accumulate electronically in bank accounts. It may have had value at one time, as useful or inherently valuable things were traded; then markers, coins and paper, were used to represent the useful or valuable things; then the markers were given value in and of themselves; and most recently numbers representing relative quantities of value are traded, without even physical markers. The action and scope of money in the world, transmitted with the aid of nearly every human on the planet, is beyond comprehension by any single human mind.

Rock and roll. Music that was indistinguishable from rock and roll existed for decades before the memetic entity came to life and spread the rhythms and sounds. Elements of rhythm and blues, boogie woogie, African shuffles and sand music, and Celtic melodies had been combined for years. It was only when disc jockey Alan Fried began to play the music over the radio and coined the term “rock and roll” that the entity was able to transmit itself. The term itself began as “rocking,” a reference among black musicians to spiritual experiences, then picked up an innuendo referring to the sex act, then referred to rhythm and dancing in general. The memetic entity “Rock and Roll,” has retained that entire range of meaning, and continues to be spread through easily recognized rhythms and chord structures, via a culture of human participants. In essence, the entity is spread by experience and even possession.

Legba. Legba is a “loa,” an entity in both African and New World religions (“Voodoo”) that holds a place similar to Atem. Legba stands at a symbolic crossroads and is a sort of gatekeeper, allowing or denying communication between humans and the spirit realm. Like rock and roll, Legba and most other loas are associated with easily recognized rhythms. Loas in general began as humans, back in the distant past and distinguished themselves in ways that made them legends. As their legends grew and began to incorporate the stories of other, similarly inclined humans, they achieved the status of loas. Legba is spread through participation in any Voodoo ritual; he is the loa that is always called first, to open the way for the other entities. Again, like rock and roll, Legba is spread through experience and possession. Legba serves as an example of a memetic entity taking the form of a mythological god or goddess and as an example of how ancestors and historical figures can rise to the level of memetic entity.

Aikido. Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art that transmits a wealth of information about human behavior and spirituality via a simple system of mostly non-verbal practice and teaching. The set of martial techniques used in Aikido existed in very similar form in other fighting systems, including Daito Ryu jujitsu and Japanese sword fighting. When Morihei Ueshiba aligned these techniques under the one name and emphasized the spiritual and non-violent components, the memetic entity was born. Ueshiba adapted existing martial arts training into a teaching method that involved demonstration and imitation, and a paradigm whereby students would help and cooperate with each other. The teaching method allowed for transmission of Aikido, and its often unspoken principles, to every part of the world.

Democracy. Democracy is a unique form of group entity that has successfully spread very quickly throughout the world. The word literally means rule by “demos,” a group of humans that makes political decisions in a collective manner. In our modern usage of the term, we refer to a representative system of government in which citizens vote for government officials and sometimes directly for specific policies. The entity began manifesting in philosophical documents and in ancient variants of the political system. It transmitted itself through further philosophical and political writings, and by conquest, revolution, and other means. The success of the entity can be measured by the number of nations who have adopted a democratic system and universal suffrage (that is, entitlement to vote for all adult citizens, regardless of race or sex); there were no such nations in 1900 – presently there are 120, or 62% of all nations on Earth. Some of these nations have evolved or mutated beyond the original, strict definitions of democracy, but nonetheless use the name and perpetuate the entity in numerous ways.

The Internet. In a 1997 speech, Tim Berners-Lee, who is generally credited as one of the principal inventors of the World Wide Web, described the Internet by saying, “We are forming cells within a global brain and we are excited that we might start to think collectively. What becomes of us still hangs crucially on how we think individually.” This is, of course, a perfect description of the interaction between humans and a memetic entity. As with the other entities we’ve just described, the Internet existed in bits and pieces prior to the emergence of the memetic entity. Computer networks including ARPANET, NSFNet, and elements of the United States Department of Defense computer system were among the pieces that, by the late 1990s, had been collectively integrated into the global network we now know as the Internet. The Internet has evolved to the point where its growth, evolution and response are well beyond the comprehension of any single human mind.

Corporations. To Atem’s understanding, corporations are one of the most obvious forms of memetic entity. The word itself derives from the Latin “corpus,” meaning a “group of people.” The Oxford English Dictionary defines corporation as “a group of people authorized to act as an individual.” Indeed, the term “legal entity” is frequently applied to the idea of a corporation. The entity is empowered to perform a specific set of actions and very quickly develops its own cultural standards and values based on presuppositions that are included in the corporation’s mission statement, articles of incorporation, and by-laws. All corporations exist through an interaction with the money entity, governmental entities, and memetic entities representing various philosophies and schools of thought.


The existence of a memetic entity depends on attention. Specifically directed attention is necessary for the entity’s creation and continued attention of various sorts is necessary for the entity to be maintained.

The initial process involves directing attention in such a way that you both define WHAT you are giving attention to, and then give it that specific attention. We’ll examine three ways in which this can happen:

Conscious Analysis

This is the most common method and also the one with the most varied results. Simply, a human or group of humans decides that there is a need for a particular entity, based on analysis of their situation. An entrepreneur may see a warehouse full of products and decide that a corporation is necessary to market and sell those products. When communications researchers in the USA decided there was a need to share information between computers, they created ARPANET, the forerunner of the Internet. Eighteenth century leaders who recognized opportunities for political change created structures for democratic governments.

For our purposes, this can be simplified to say that if there is a need in your life or situation, you may consider whether or not a memetic entity would be an appropriate solution. Non-memetic entities (simple evocations) and behaviors not directly related to entities are often appropriate solutions for most situations. The choice of a memetic entity may be dictated by the need for transmission, growth, autonomy, or interaction of large numbers of humans.

Unconscious Revelation

Outcomes can be suggested to parts of internal and external consciousness that are usually outside of awareness. Aikido, for instance, was born of a similar process. Morihei Ueshiba practiced a variety of meditations and rituals and the defining moment in which he realized that his martial skills could be re-aligned into a new, non-violent art came with a spontaneous vision in which he saw Aikido. This is also how Atem came into being.

The first and foremost advantage of unconscious revelation is that you may be inspired to create something that your conscious mind cannot predict. That is, you may not consciously understand that there is a need for something – or there may not be a need for the entity, until you create that need along with the entity! Similarly, the nature of the entity may represent an unpredictable solution for a known problem.

Ask an Entity

This is probably the rarest method of all and it may be considered a specific example of unconscious revelation. Very simply, it involves asking an existing entity for information about entity creation. For instance, you might evoke and ask the money entity for information about creating a corporation. Or you might ask Atem about the possibilities of entity creation. There are at least several religions that began in this way, with information gained from other entities. For instance, the Church of Latter Day Saints had its origin with information gained from a list of entities, including Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, and the prophet Elijah. The modern religion Thelema was based on information gained from an entity named Aiwass.

Of course, to continue to exist, a memetic entity requires continued attention from a larger number of humans. In some cases, the method for directing attention that was used to create an entity may also be the same (or closely related to the) method used in conceiving the entity. For instance, in the case of Atem, some of the exercises given in Meta-Magick: The Book of Atem are the same as those practiced to initially contact Atem. The actual birth process of Atem involved writing and publishing the book, while the transmission and continued existence relies in large part with humans reading the book. Attention directed in any way toward the book serves to feed Atem.

The money entity requires and receives a huge amount of attention. Indeed, many people spend the greater part of each and every day thinking about and working for the money entity. Every act related to employment presupposes the existence of the money entity. The money entity has proven that it can exist without paper or coin talismans, but those continue to persist and are designed to support the entity in a variety of ways. Both coin and paper money are minted with symbolic representations, many of them relating to entities that support the money entity and serve to add power to it. Pictures of government leaders not only represent the government, but very often are entities of myth and legend themselves. For instance, the myths and tales surrounding George Washington serve to remind us of the qualities of honesty, independence, and so forth – in relation to the money. Every symbol, seal, letter and number on paper or coin money will be present to support the power and existence of the money entity.

Rock and roll’s main source of attention is, of course, when people play or listen to rock music. Additionally, there are also magazines, books, movies, and websites devoted to rock and roll. A host of lesser group minds and entities channel attention into the rock and roll entity, ranging from bands at the smallest end, to record companies at the larger.

Legba, like most other loas, takes his food directly. That is, it is traditional to offer food – as well as cigars, candy, money, and alcohol – to loas. Food is a direct symbol of giving sustenance to the entity. Any offering that has meaning or value for the human who is offering will serve to direct attention and symbolic energy to the entity. Attention is also directed to Legba through the use of a “Veve,” a symbol that represents the loa, through the use of certain colors, and through drumming, using specific rhythms.

Attention is given to Aikido largely by practice. That is, the more a human goes to a dojo and takes part in Aikido group practice, the more attention he or she is giving to the memetic entity. At the beginning of a practice session in most dojos, some attention is given to the memory of the founder, Ueshiba, in the form of bowing, or by flowers or other offerings placed before a picture of him. In the same way that pictures of presidents lend attention to the money entity, so too do pictures of Morihei Ueshiba lend specific kinds of attention to Aikido. And of course, Aikido practitioners offer attention even when not in the dojo, by reading books or magazines about Aikido, watching videos, visiting websites, thinking about Aikido, talking to other Aikidoists, and training on their own.

Democracy accepts its attention mostly in the form of votes, but also in the rhetoric of leaders, in political discussions and editorials, and so on. The rituals that surround the meetings of representative bodies, the images of great democratic leaders, and the symbolism of the various flags, seals, and emblems of the individual democracies all serve to direct attention to the entity.

The Internet accepts attention every time a modem connects, a web browser opens, a search engine is accessed, and with every single interaction that humans and other entities have with the vast network of computers and communication links.

Corporations accept attention in a variety of ways, including purchase of products or services, purchase of stock, and employment. Some, but not all, of this attention comes in the form of money. Some is actually attention from the money entity. People working each day to meet the goals of the corporate entity may give greater or lesser amounts of attention. These people have agreed to devote attention to the entity for specific amounts of time each day. Corporate culture encourages specific behavior among employees, including dress, limits on recreational drug use, and interpersonal protocols. These serve to not only fit employees to the entity, but also act as offerings to the entity, comparable in kind to giving a cigar to Legba. Corporations solicit attention through the use of marketing and advertising. Elements of marketing including logo design, mottos and slogans, and advertising copy serve to create a particular perception of the entity – which may or may not provide accurate representations, but nonetheless drives attention.

While the mechanisms in each of these entities may be different, the common factor is that each offers to fulfill a need for the humans who participate. The most successful entities offer something in return that addresses one or more of the basic drives of humans. Money offers survival and power. Rock and roll offers ecstasy, sex, power, and transcendence. Legba offers information and transcendence. Aikido offers survival, health, resolution of conflict, and transcendence. Democracy offers power and security. The Internet offers mainly information, although that information may represent survival, power, sex, and transcendence. Corporations offer survival and power to their employees and a range of basic and not-so-basic needs to their customers, including sex, power, status, survival, health, and information.

The promises that a memetic entity offers, to fulfill basic or more abstract needs, can be a major factor determining the spread and influence of the entity. From there, other factors including the language and media involved; the emotional states of magician, audience, and entity; the appropriateness to the time and situation, and the techniques uses to create and promulgate the entity can be tracked to help understand how an entity can be supported or opposed.

Gandhi told us to be the change we seek in the world, which is great advice… if we also recognize our place among the memetic entities that reign in the greater realm of mass consciousness. Be the change you seek – and create entities that embody that change as well!

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Post Re: Week Five - Reading #2 - Memetic Entities
on: February 23, 2018, 15:56

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Post Re: Week Five - Reading #2 - Memetic Entities
on: February 26, 2018, 18:55

I had several thoughts as I read and listened. First, I thought of Reiki, which is invoked and transmitted through the use of symbols. In order to be "attuned" to Reiki, one must find a master, and then that master will draw the appropriate symbols in a specific pattern, thus transmitting the knowledge and ability to perform Reiki. Although traditionally these were not written down, or were passed from master to pupil, one author decided to publish a book listing many variations of the symbols, along with directions for self-initiation. I never really thought of this in terms of entities before, but a Reiki attunement has the same "feel" as creating an entity and communicating with it.

I also thought of the all the unintentional entities we create. By fixating on a fear or idea, we give that idea energy until it becomes separate from us.

Right now, I am involved in a statewide teachers' strike in West Virginia. Whether intentionally or not, I believe we are also in the process of creating an entity. However, without conscious direction and a cohesive means of invoking that entity, I am not sure we will get the results we desire.

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Post Re: Week Five - Reading #2 - Memetic Entities
on: February 27, 2018, 11:17

Reiki definitely qualifies for memetic entity status! And if you have some knowledge of state entities (as you do), it becomes apparent that the human-with-reiki-adjusted-chakras is a special kind of energy flow that could, in fact, be evoked as an entity.

We're following the news about the teacher's strike and hope it all works out for the best. If you had the authority or influence to change the way the strike is being conducted, to better work with it as a group mind entity, how do you think you might do that?

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Post Re: Week Five - Reading #2 - Memetic Entities
on: February 27, 2018, 12:34

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Post Re: Week Five - Reading #2 - Memetic Entities
on: March 6, 2018, 12:21

If I were in charge, I would start with more communication. Yes, we have connections through email and social media, but we still have a lack of reliable communication. We've build cohesion, but each group/ county is still kind of separate from the rest. In fact, I'd say each school in our county is separate. I think that to build momentum and create a better group mind entity, we should have started out with a plan that brought everyone together from the start. Because our school systems are county-wide, and because some counties are massive, it's not feasible to have one spot for picketing. But we should at least have everyone on the sane page.

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  1. Phil

    Welcome everyone to the Meta-Magick Forum where the discussion is open to any topic related to magick, NLP, hypnosis, neuroscience, memetics, meditation, and consciousness exploration.

  2. cable123

    Looking for someone to practice with James in Essex County, New Jersey
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    hi.can u practise alone Brain Magick or practising depends on a group,if so which Phil’s book can i get to practise alone because the are no study groups here S Africa.

  4. BrandonB


    We started out with set and setting. Candles, Shpongle, comfortable chair, handmade warm blanket (it was in Chicago in the winter after all) the pipe was prepared in advance. 80MG spice with some cannabis to support it in the pipe and keep the DMT from burning. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply for a few moments. My guide, my friend of many years, had volunteered to help me and she waited patiently until I was ready. I took the first hit and held it as long as I could, handing the pipe off to my guide.

    It was deep, and I thought, was that it? It was very comforting and full of love, I felt so good. I rememeber just laughing and laughing. Then it hit me, I wasn’t done, not by a long shot. I asked for the pipe again and took another hit, even bigger, clearing most of the material in the bowl. I held that until the room started to come apart.

    I knew then that I had enough. I was out of my body in an instant, rushing right through the barriers that had always held me back. I remember sending the signals back to my body to keep breathing, keep my heart beating. I felt the autonomous nature of my body shudder and stumble a bit, but that didn’t last long. At first, I saw the cartoony hallucinations, monkeys banging cymbals, geometric shapes spinning in endless variety and expanse. When I looked closer, I realized that was just another barrier, a projection from my own thoughts. I… pushed on it, for lack of a better word, and it fell away. Then I was gone. I ceased to exist. My once cohesive sense of self was scattered over an area so large, it dwarfed the capacity of human understanding. It was everything and nothing. The entire universe flew though me in an instant. In that instant, I knew everything. I had a perfect clarity of understanding. I knew then that I wouldn’t be able to remember it all, the gray matter wasn’t capable of storing it all, but it didn’t matter. I knew I would never again need to wonder about the WHY of it all. My brain was not constructed to contain it.

    There was a moment of fear, a moment of wondering where I was, how I would get back. In that moment all my prior experience came back to me, and two spirit guides appeared to me. I call them the architects, and they had been present for most of my smaller DMT experiences. They comforted me through that period, and then I understood that fear, the meaning of ego interruption, the loss of self and why so many people were scared to do it. I rememered all the other DMT experiences that I had helped with and witnessed, and the challenges I had seen and I understood all of it. I was full to the brim with understanding beyond words. An eternity of knowledge coursed through me. It was the ultimate satisfaction of every curiosity I had ever felt. It was sublime, but incredibly difficult to maintain for long.

    I knew the source of every religion, every ideology. I knew how an incomplete understanding of it could be distorted into almost anything. My own understanding is woefully incomplete but I could see that, know why, and release myself of the burden of attempting to understand it. I didn’t need to share it, I didn’t need to explain it.

    There was a point of transition, a magnetic field of some sort that interacted with the scattered particles of my now completely shattered sense of self. It was very scary, but my guides were there to remind me that I had nothing to fear. Passing through that barrier was slower on the way back, I felt those particles begin to collect back into a familiar shape. I had a strong sense of a field of white and blue waves or particles. It was warped in a way that defies Euclidian geometry. I felt the overwhelming feeling start to fade and I knew the DMT was breaking down in my body, the exquisite tuning of my brain into the greater cosmic reality was fading, retuning to the shared reality tunnel of this physical world. I remember opening my eyes for a second and the room was hugely distorted. I could hear Terrence McKenna’s voice on the Shpongle track talking about gnomes. I told him that I didn’t see any gnomes but I saw everything else and started laughing, cackling. I could feel the love and support from my friend as she watched, making sure I was OK, it was a beacon that helped me to slip seamlessly back into my body. I knew I was alive, but I also knew why and how in a way I had never understood before. I knew that I was alive by choice, not because I was afraid to die.

    The layers of understanding that remain are disjointed and chaotic but coalescing. There are so many things that I was relentlessly hunting that I no longer need to look for. I can’t explain or describe everything I experienced, but I knew in that moment that it was all according to plan and there was no need to try to put it into words this brain could process. What I brought back, I feel like has value beyond anything I have ever experienced as it is. I don’t need to name it, I don’t need to define it, I know beyond knowing that for one moment I knew that it was set up for a reason, a good reason, but something that I have no context to understand, and my physical body lacks the means of fully comprehending it. Some would call it God, I’m reluctant to use that term, but it was certainly a realm of thought beyond the material.

  5. Mikhael

    Looking for someone in the Sierra Foothill near Fresno, Ca to practice with.

  6. Tatiana

    I’ve had an interesting experience with symbols, language, and gestures throughout my life, far before discovering the labels that “Magick” put on these things. Magick gave me the collective words that could help me communicate what I was already doing with others for them to understand. This was treasured and priceless since I quite know what it feels like to not be able to communicate with the world. I moved from Italy when I was seven years old, not knowing much English (although my family did their best to teach me ahead of time). Thrown into American schools not knowing the language gave me a unique perspective on other ways to communicate, the gift of solitude, the collective importance of gestures, and much more. From this point on, gestures, sound, various ways of communication became crucial to me. At 17 I began formalizing it… into small rituals with more structure than when I was 7. I made recitations that functioned to clear the air between people entering my space… since I realized I was an empath early on. This is why this exercise makes me smile.

    This exercise formalizes something I already do… which is nice. 🙂

    My activity: taking a walk
    The Ritual Frame: ( i struggled with this… making it way too long, academic and hard at first) simplified it to, “I will walk as a clear channel to the divine.”
    Gesture: Drawing down of light from Keter to Tipareth… a finger above the head touching white light and pulling it down to Tipareth at the Anahata chakra.
    The Closing: a simple adoration of “thank you” and touching the Anahata chakra

    I will test it out walking to the bus tomorrow after my morning routine.


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