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Philip H. Farber on Expanding Mind Radio


Expanding Mind Radio 1/6/2011: NLP, Voodoo rain invocations, and prestidigitating physicists: a conversation with occultist Phil Farber, author of Meta Magick: the book of ATEM.



Philip H. Farber on More Health Less Care


More Health Less Care - TV: Evil Influence or Just Time Waster? Join Dr. Pete and guest Philip H. Farber for a frank conversation about TV in America today.



Hawaii Hypnosis Podcast with Philip H. Farber


Hawaii Hypnosis Podcast with Philip H. Farber. Phil's thoughts on magick, and its synergetic relationship with Hypnosis and NLP.



Philip H. Farber and Andrieh Vitimus on the Mona Magick ShowMona Magick Show (with Andrieh Vitimus) Mastering Magic. Phil and Andrieh provide overviews on their latest upcoming workshop, exploring powerful and practical methods for changing the maps and models upon which we base our beliefs and presuppositions about the world. The neurological basis for the experience of entities: gods, demons, angels and thought forms.


Philip H. Farber Evocation on the Mona Magick Show

Mona Magick Show – Evocation with Philip H. Farber. Join us for a guided exploration of a simple, safe and extremely useful form of magical evocation. Mr. Farber will explain the process and take willing listeners on a short experiential journey to find the spirits that share our lives.


Philip H. Farber on Ascending Way Radio

Ascending Way – The Father of FutureRitual. Our Guest this week is one of the true Luminaries of The Work who is not merely rehashing and repackaging the traditional Lore, but is expanding our tools and techniques.


Philip H. Farber returns to Ascending Way Radio


Ascending Way – Return of the Father of FutureRitual. A return visit from Philip H. Farber.


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