Meta-Magick with Philip H. Farber


Brain Magick with Philip H. Farber, July 2011, Berlin

Words and the World
NLP in Text, Online and Off

January 18 - February 29, 2016


Once upon a time, our ancestors had to hunt for words in libraries and bookstores. Today, vast torrents of words pour into our homes via modems and networks. The new familiarity with flowing, scrolling text gives many of us a new ease with words - and yet we rarely lift the lid on the word machine to learn what makes them effective, how we respond to language patterns, and what distinguishes ordinary efforts from fantastic and inspiring prose.

Words and the World will explore the structure of textual interaction to gain insight into how to get the most from our own words. In the process, we'll highlight how our minds use words to create beliefs, belief systems and the models that we sometimes mistake for "reality."

In the meatspace, offline that is, NLP is taught in seminar settings that emphasize face to face interaction. That's an awesome way to gain skills - to use offline. Increasingly, though, our business, pleasure, education, and enlightenment can be found in e-mail, on the web, on networking sites, blogs, IMs and online forums.

Come prepared to participate in the online equivalent of an NLP seminar. We will put our skills to practice with found text and with each other. Exercises will address linguistic use in chat, web pages, forum debate, academic writing, fiction and much more. Enroll now to develop powerful text skills, flexible enough to keep pace with the online info-flow. Newbies as well as experienced cybernauts, writers, and NLPers will have some linguistic thrills to hone their interactive skills.

Register now! $89 covers 6+ weeks of online forum access, all reading materials, and lots of feedback from the instructor:

Philip H. Farber is the author of Meta-Magick: The Book of Atem – Achieving New States of Consciousness Through NLP, Neuroscience and Ritual (Weiser Books, 2008), Brain Magick: Exercises in Meta-Magick and Invocation (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2011), and other books. He is a Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, a Hypnosis Instructor with the Society for Experiential Trance, a Master Practitioner and Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and an author of many articles about hypnosis, consciousness, meditation and popular culture. He was an entertainment journalist for more than a decade and has made many media appearances, including one in the documentary film Programming the Nation, about the impact of subliminal advertising. Mr. Farber has been booked to present lectures, workshops and seminars at conferences throughout the United States and UK (including the National Guild of Hypnotists conference, the International Conference on Shamanism, the Equinox Festival, the Starwood Festival, and many more). His own seminars have filled venues in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, London, Amsterdam, and many other locations.

“Philip H. Farber has once again shown where magick meets the brain.” – Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP

“[This is] the first magick manual entirely contemporary with modern science and the only one that will really prepare the student for life in the 21st Century.” – Robert Anton Wilson, author Cosmic Trigger and Illuminatus

"Phil Farber has a genius for transformative edu-tainment. His writing captures the warmth and liveliness of his workshops because multisensory experiential processes are part of every page." --Iona Miller, co-author of The Modern Alchemist

"Meta-Magick is a brilliant and patently original book of magical instruction that future generations will revere as an 'ancient classic.'" -- Lon Milo DuQuette, author of My Life with the Spirits and Enochian Vision Magick

"The intent of Farber's ongoing literary sigil is to move his readers beyond the practice of individual magicks into the shared space of collective, consensual hallucination.... Farber quickly branches out in new directions - casting a visionary world picture as if it were a guide book, a description and instruction manual to a realm that is quite literally created in the process of its depiction and subsequent imagination." - Douglas Rushkoff, author of Coercion and Media Virus


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